Her Artist-Dangerous Chess Book 3


Our only job is to find Rook and protect Misty. But I don’t have the skills my friends do to protect the woman I love.

Rook has threatened Misty. We sent his Queen on the run, and she nearly killed Casey on her way out. I’m not a computer genius or a cop. I’m an artist, and I was a military medic. I don’t have the skills to do anything except help Casey heal and just be moral support while my friends do what I can’t. I feel helpless and powerless to protect Misty.

Rook can’t get to us in Andre’s compound. He hits us where he can. He wants to get to Casey and Misty through me. He starts by trashing my tattoo shop with his queen. Everything I worked for is in ruin, and my partner, Badger, is losing money because Rook decided to come at me. I thought my shop was the last of it. I should have been more vigilant in protecting those I love.

Rook takes his game even further and totally guts me with his next move. I’ll never fully recover, and if he’s willing to go that far, I don’t want to think about what he will do to Misty if he gets his hands on her.

Dangerous Chess: A Contemporary Reverse Harem series

  • Fugitive (Misty)
  • Her Cop (Casey)
  • Her Artist (Aiden)
  • Her Guard (Gareth)
  • Her Knight (Andre)
  • The Rook Takes Their Queen


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