Her Alaskan Pilot

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The world according to Travis Forrester has just turned upside down.

His administrative assistant of three years, Chryssa Baros, has turned in her resignation. She’s leaving the state to become a professional artist. He knew the various pieces of artwork in his office were painted by her, but he didn’t know she was serious about making a full-time career of it. How will he run his office without her?

As a last-ditch effort to convince her to stay, he offers her an all-expenses paid weekend trip to his family’s remote wilderness lodge. She accepts, but it doesn’t take long before Travis realizes he doesn’t want her in his life as an employee, but as something so much more.

And now Travis knows exactly what he’ll do to keep her: absolutely anything. Book 4 in the Alaskan Hero series.


2 reviews for Her Alaskan Pilot

  1. Yvonne Cruz

    This audiobook was the first story by this author I have ever listened/read, and since I like airplanes and flying, thought this was the perfect introduction to both the author and the series.
    The author takes us to Alaska where Travis Forrester owns a charter business. Unbeknown to him, his administrative assistance, Chryssa Baros, has been in love with him for years. Since he has not noticed her and she concludes she needs to get away, and pursue her painting. Finally taking a job offer in Phoenix.
    A shock to Travis, who suddenly realizes how much he will miss her . In an attempt to get her to stay, he takes her to his family’s lodge where both not only realize their feelings for each other, but also that it might be too late.
    I wish to add that the narrator, did a very good job with her delivery.
    The interaction between them is sweet.
    This sweet, clean romance is perfect for an afternoon of leisure.

  2. Faith

    This was a sweet read. I liked the way the characters worked out their differences once they discovered they cared for one another. I’d be interested in reading/listening to more by Ms. Thomas. This was my first by this author.

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