Hearts of the West

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Hearts of the West is a unique collection of classic Western tales that combine action and romance. This anthology showcases nine stirring, long-forgotten frontier tales with appeal to both men and women. It is a unique collection of frontier stories that combine action and romance.

In Guardian Angel, a cowboy who doesn’t think he needs anyone’s help, and a woman who thinks he does, must deal with the treachery and cunning of a criminal family.

In Frontier Spirit, a well-bred society girl proves she’s got that very quality to a doubting cowboy, but not until they have both faced bandit guns.

In Pioneer Woman, a woman and frontiersman discover that their greatest peril on a wagon train west is not the hardships of the trail but her abusive, murderous husband.

In Cup of Happiness, a woman determined to succeed on her own in the far northwest and a man keeping a secret, must battle nature, epidemic, and claim-jumpers if they are to live and quaff their own cup of happiness.

In Blue Eyes and Blue Steel, a spirited cowgirl doesn’t turn back when she finds herself on the trail of desperado Diamond Jack McLernan, while the man she’s after finds himself falling in love with her.

In The Marquis and Miss Sally, cow camp friendship turns to romance despite a seemingly impossible obstacle in a rollicking tale only the inimitable master of literary surprise, O. Henry, could have penned.

In The End of the Trail, a man of mixed parentage learns from a storekeeper’s daughter – with the assistance of one of the West’s real-life heroines – that it isn’t what you do before a fight, but afterward that determines who the winner is.

In The B-girl, the Battle and the Bar-D, two people who have been deeply scarred by life discover why, if they can survive it, the West is the ideal place for starting over.

In Big Nose Kate’s Man, the famous, if slightly shady, lady shows why she’s earned her own place in frontier legend when her lover, Doc Holliday, faces a lynching.

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  1. Danny Harr

    There is nine stories in this book. They are really good. Some better than others but I enjoyed all of them. I had never heard any of them before. Jennifer March does an excellent job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review.

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