Haunting Leigh

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It’s Halloween, Leigh’s favorite time of the year. As a rookie witch with high hopes, she has a lot to look forward to. When a mysterious supernatural force meddles in her life, things take a turn for the worse. Hunter gets caught in the paranormal crossfire, and his very soul may be at risk. Leigh’s job seems to have suddenly gone sour as well. The public school doesn’t share this young teacher’s enthusiasm for what they deem to be a religious holiday. To keep her entire life from falling apart at the seams, Leigh needs serious help. Once again she calls on her trustworthy but inept best friends to pull her through. Magical mayhem abounds. Leigh has a run-in with a bizarre cult bent on human sacrifice, some galloping golems, and pesky ghosts – not to mention stray bolts of witchcraft! Can Marie Laveau and Hunter’s parents help the gang put together an emergency seance in the historic but haunted Schlitt House? They find out some ghosts can be a real drag, possession has side effects, and exorcisms are unpredictable at best. What will the Witches Halloween Gala in Salem be like? Will we finally find out what the deal is with Luna when she gets her paw read? Read all about it inĀ Haunting Leigh.

3 reviews for Haunting Leigh

  1. Laura Rose

    This is a series of books. I listened to the first book in the series and somehow managed to acquire book #4 without having experienced book #2 or book #3 and as long as the reader realizes that relationships are changing and new characters are being introduced, it was not difficult to enjoy this book even though it was out of sequence. I enjoy these stories as they are light and fun and entertaining. I find them amusing; however, some of the content is sexual in nature and there is some cussing so it would not be suitable for all ages. Hollie Jackson does a fantastic job as the narrator and she brings the characters to life with her voice. I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Nicollette Blackeagle

    Leigh and her cohorts are at it again in this creative and funny story that has every8trying to save Hunter even Luna the cat. The story is well written and beautifully narrated by the amazing Hollie Jackson. I love the quirky characters and their comical banter. I want to fair warn you do not eat while listening to this book because it contains very comical situations that will make you laugh out loud. I received this book from Audiobooks Unleashed and this is my honest unbiased review. I highly recommend this book and series.

  3. Jerry Harkey

    Will Leigh and her witch friends make it to Witches Halloween Gala?!? NOT before Leigh trips over herself; teaching her little-kid students to make a Golem, blasting her new “Love of her life” with a bolt of magic, dealing with pesky ghosts and ending up in the haunted Schlitt House!! Fun and funny throughout…Enjoy!

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