Harley Quinn 101

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Dr. Harleen Quinzel is a sinister jokester, both witty and playful, and is energetic enough to make anyone either fall in love with her or desire to be like her. She’s a thrill to be around, has many accomplices, and is an upcoming cultural icon.

This book is an introduction to the fictional character, Harley Quinn, both for hardcore fans as well as the newcomer.

1 review for Harley Quinn 101

  1. Erica Freeman

    OK so I get that female characters are treated very differently to their male counterparts, but why, for what possible reason can we need to know Harley Quinns weight?!?!? I don’t remember Deadpools weight being included in the list of key facts about him. Is it a diffence between the way DC and Marvel treat and present their characters? Or just another demonstration of the toxicity (oh the irony of this isn’t lost on me as its toxins that change harley and the most toxic man ever created that does it to her) surrounding female characters within the superhero genre?

    I felt this was actually a pretty poor study of Harley Quinn as a character and her different representations in different media’s. The only real mention was the contrast of light, bubbly Harley of the animated shows to the much darker Harley of the comics. More of an exploration into these diffences would have been so interesting, looking into her different motivations and traumas that she suffers that cause her to be so reactive. A closer study of the portrayal of her friendships within the DC universe would have been interesting too and felt almost completely skipped over.

    F.C.McAllister deliver the facts in front of him in such a flat manner it was hard even making it through the 17 minutes of this book. Monotone and drawing, it felt like he had no interest in the character he was talking about. So this was sadly a very disappointing listen.

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