Hardt’s Tale

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Can one man save a world? 

Maybe he can, with a dragon’s help. 

[NOTE: The Mobious’ Quest books can be read in any order.]

The great, fire-breathing dragons and their elven slaves are flying closer and closer to Lander settlements. And rumor is they’ve developed a taste for human flesh.

Hardt is a happy kid. He likes his simple life. But he wants to be a good man. So, he joins the guarde preparing to destroy the beasts. 

Then one dark night on solitary patrol, he finds himself facing a dragon. 

And that meeting changes everything.

Hardt’s Tale is the epic story of one man’s battle to do the right thing.  

And to keep the sentient species of his world from destroying each other. 

Pick up the book people are saying they can’t put down!

The Mobious’ Quest series (Hardt’s Tale and Geoffrey’s Queen) can be read in any order. 

1 review for Hardt’s Tale

  1. Mia Harper

    An entertaining tale, action packed, plenty of drama, and fantastic narration by Gwendolyn Druyor which just makes this book. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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