Hard Justice

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Dirty cop Travis Malloy has kept psychic Bliss Dougan under his thumb for a year. But as his jealousy rages out of control, she finally finds the break she’s been waiting for. Escaping into the night after an epic fight that’s left her scared and bruised, she does the only thing she can – she hides.

When the ghost of a recently deceased woman appears, imploring her for help, Bliss knows that Malloy’s dirty dealings are much worse than she’d feared, and she’ll stop at nothing to take him down.

Officer Justice Wild has always believed in the oath he took when he donned the badge, and he’s always been a sucker for a woman in need. Bliss tugs at his heart strings, even if he does think she’s completely crazy. 

When her insane ramblings about ghosts and officer Malloy start making sense, he wonders if he’s lost his mind or if he’s ready to believe in the supernatural. Justice might have been prepared to do anything to put Malloy behind bars, but he hadn’t counted on falling for the sassy psychic who won’t leave his side. 

4 reviews for Hard Justice

  1. Patricia Reichardt

    Fast and action packed, this romantic suspense will keep you on your toes. Bliss is a psychic who after being beaten by her boyfriend, sees a ghost with important information. Seeking help, she is taken in by Justice WIld, an officer who has an unexplained draw to Bliss. But will he believe her when she tells him about the ghost? Will their attraction get in the way of the investigation? This is the perfect listen for my walk, and had me captivated. I love the psychic twist, the passionate build and the characters are just enjoyable. It’s a great listen, narrated by Miranda Mendius, and just leaves you wanting more.

  2. Norma Miles

    “No one does anything for free any more.”
    I’m obviously the wrong person to have read this short story, which is, essentially,a romance with a dash of soft porn plus a ghost, disguised as a police thriller. There is little character development what there is is cliched and mundane – admiring his hard muscles and flat abdomen, for example – and the soon-to-be-ex boyfriend seemed singularly unrealistic: abusive and domineering in their year long relationship, he and his partner had not bad sex for months before beating her up. As for the abused heroine just hanging around waiting to be punished – yes, I know people can be victims and find moving on difficult, but where was that ghost when she needed her?

    No, not for me, though developed differently, this basic idea could have been made tense and exciting. However, as it is, the plot is bland, like the writing. Narration by Miranda Mendius was strong, with good enunciation and inflection, and each character was individually voiced, though a couple were rather uncomfortable listens. She greatly added to the texture of the story.

    I received a freely gifted complimentary copy of Hard Justice, at my request, from the rights holder via Audiobooks Unleashed. Thank you.

  3. Mia Harper

    An enjoyable short story, good suspence, romantic tension and some ghostly clues to a crime.I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  4. Darc Librarian

    A woman running from her dirty cop boyfriend never expected to find any justice. But she did in the delectable form of Officer Justice Wild.

    Now all Bliss needs is to put her ex Travis Malloy behind bars not just her assault but for Human Trafficking as well. But how can she convince Justice to listen when her evidence came from a ghost..

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this short but sweet psychic romantic suspense.

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