Handmaiden: A Friendly Interracial FFM Menage Tale


To serve is to love.

But can Kirsten serve a master and a mistress?

Kirsten loved her best friend Lea’s wedding to Kirsten’s brother, Sean – and their lover, Andy. But she is discovering that her lingering love for Lea may have been stronger than she realized.

Kirsten loves men. Kirsten loves women. But Kirsten is very much without either at the moment.

When the best man, Prior, and his beautiful bride, Cherry, invite Kirsten to help send Sean, Andy, and Lea off on their honeymoon celebration, Kirsten agrees happily.

And when the gorgeous black couple ask if Kirsten wants to spend the night as their handmaiden….

Well, how is Kirsten going to say no to that?

The wild conclusion to The Visitor’s Wedding, a series of sequels to The Visitor Has Company, this short story can be enjoyed on its own or as part of the Visitor saga.

The Visitor’s Wedding:


  • Goddess (MFM interracial ménage)
  • Handmaiden (FFM, FFF interracial bisexual ménage)
  • Priestess (MFM ménage, voyeurism, polyamory, hotwife)

(FFM bisexual interracial ménage. FFF and implied MMM. Adult listeners only.)


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