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Serial killers think if it all goes south and they finally get caught, that their swan song is a day in court, making the families relive the agony while they get off on that delicious pain, all over again. 

Not happening. Not anymore. We’re not making celebrities out of monsters. We’re not giving them a stage to strut on.

Now they get an audience of two.

One to Handle the problem, one to Witness it.

I’m a Witness. I trained for six years to do my duty, to manage my contracted killer, and to watch justice be done.

I knew it would be hard, the first time, to watch the eye for an eye moment.

I expected to feel a lot of things – fear, disgust, guilt.

I didn’t expect to feel turned on.

And I didn’t expect my contracted killer to look quite so pretty with blood on his hands.

HANDLED is a dark gay romance with themes of justice, retribution, and unsuitable love. It is not for the faint of heart, and contains graphic scenes intended for an adult audience. Further trigger warnings inside.

1 review for Handled

  1. Troy Daulton

    Intriguing. The author took a dark, but interesting story and made it hot as hell. Definitely pushes the edge.

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