Halloween Party

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Celebrate Halloween with three unique and fun stories!

Frankenstein IT Support¬†– Frankenstein’s monster is retrained to provide IT support. After all, if you can’t find good help, why not build it?

Swamp Monster Voodoo – A voodoo swamp creature battles for his way of life. An explorer battles for the swamp creature’s treasure.

Vampire Caving – Join a risk taking vampire as he explores why vampires exist.

1 review for Halloween Party

  1. Erica Freeman

    Really enjoyed listening to the short collection and so did my kids. It was nice having them playing in the background while we did Halloween crafts.

    It was nice having three different narrators to bring each book to life and helped with showing the different tones in the books. Michael Gilboe, Scott Bennett and Bryan Patrick Jones all did an excellent job with this book.

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