Halloween Party 2

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Celebrate with three short Halloween stories that each have a different twist. Each of the Halloween tales is self contained and lasts for about one hour.

“Dead and in Working Order”
Shortly after discovering an ancient grave, Amon’s sister disappeared. Twenty years later she arrives at his doorstep, screaming at full pitch. The plea for help draws him into a world where danger shuffles behind every corner.

“Masonic Werewolves”
An exclusive order in a secret society looks to initiate a new member. The new member must learn what it means to be part of a unique brotherhood, especially one that isn’t fully human.

“Quirks in the Misty Murks”
Jace used to love fishing in the morning. That was until a deer stood up on its back legs and began walking into the mist. Curiosity pushed Jace to investigate the creature, but what will help push him back to life he used to know?

1 review for Halloween Party 2

  1. Erica Freeman

    A great little collection of Halloween stories perfect for helping setting the mood while Halloween crafting.

    Lovely having three different narrators JB Butgess, KC Wayman and Ryan Haugen do a brilliant job of bringing these stories to vivd life.

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