Guided By His Light: A Personal Development Book for Christian Women


Align your spirit, soul, and body and become your best self using a practical and biblical approach rooted in your faith!

Do you want to grow and achieve your full potential as a Christian woman?

Are you looking to unburden your mind, body, and spirit from daily anxieties?

Do you want to cultivate a stronger sense of self-love so you can handle insecurities and feel empowered in a demanding world?

We feel your pain.

The path to our best self can be paved with confusion and chaos. After all, nothing worth having comes easy. But then, you’re also left wondering, “What is my best self?” Is it defined by professional success? Monetary gain? Luxury items? A beautiful house? Or does it go deeper?

What sparks joy in you when no one is looking and judging?

Guided by His Light: A Christian Personal Development Book for Women is for all of us who are riddled with anxiety and insecurity for not living up to what society expects us to be. When the world tells us that happiness can be found outside of us, this guide tells us to look inward.

Here’s what you can get:

  • A happier, more sustainable Christian living: Get to know your heart and soul better as you wade through the noise of the outside world and nurture a Christian self that is most authentic to you.
  • A more balanced life, free of anxieties: Learn about practical tips, tricks, and methods to manage anxiety and keep it at bay as you walk through the path that God has carved for you.
  • A stronger sense of self-love, self-esteem, and self-empowerment: Learn how to lift yourself up, free yourself from the need to seek validation from the wrong places, and walk in the light of your faith.
  • And so much more!

Even if it doesn’t feel that way now, a strong Christian woman like you can learn the skills that will nurture your potential and grow the person that you were always meant to become.

With these tools, you will be able to take the small, necessary steps that will inch you closer to God and your best self.


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