Guardian Angel Files Book 2: Kindred Spirits

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Victory comes at a price.

Exiled to Earth, Mina bears the weapon she stole from Satan, preventing him from destroying the angels of light. Despite this, Spirit’s Bane weakens her with pain when she uses her Gifts to protect those under her care.

Meanwhile, the Council of Light confines Allister to the Heavens. They fear what Satan will do if he captures the Kindred Spirit Pair.

Allister knows they are stronger together, but even if he defies the Council by going to Earth, there’s no guarantee he’ll reach Mina before Satan’s minions.

If Allister and Mina cannot defeat Spirit’s Bane swiftly, precious souls will be lost in the coming conflict.

This book can be read alone, but it would probably be more powerful if read after Guardian Angel Files Book 1: Spirit’s Bane.

1 review for Guardian Angel Files Book 2: Kindred Spirits

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book. This is book two and continues from where book one left off, so I would recommend that you start with Spirit’s Bane, it does say it is a stand alone book but I am not sure it would be as enjoyable as a lot is explained in book one and I am not sure it will make sense without listening to it first I like the unusual plot line, it is still good against evil but what makes it different is it is being fought by angels and demons. The bond between the two main characters is strong and that comes through in the writing. Can’t wait for the next book.
    Mina still trapped by the spirits bane reckless that was put on her by the demon, this means it is painful to shift into her spirit form and she must stay human. But being a guardian she is trying to help people and at the same time stay hidden so not to cause harm to innocent humans that might get caught or drawn into the fight. Meanwhile Allister her kindred spirit partner is being targeted by the demons in the hope that he will leave the spirit world and lead them to Mina. Can the pair work out away to be together because they both know that together they are stronger and might stand a chance of braking Mina free from the spirit’s bane once and for all.
    I liked the narrator, he uses a variety of different voices to bring the characters to life.

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