Groomless – Part 2

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This is part two.

Julia explores her feelings toward her ex that left her to chase his dreams. As she plans her reception, she feels drawn to Luke.

When Julia finds out her father is dying, she is devastated. He tells her his biggest regret is not getting the chance to dance with her at her wedding reception. So what does Julia do? She creates the perfect wedding reception. But there’s one problem. Julia doesn’t have a groom. Nonetheless, she plans a small wedding reception for close friends and family so her father will get his last dying wish. But when the press hears about the heartwarming story, Julia creates a media buzz. The story goes viral and her simple wedding reception goes from a backyard event to being hosted at one of the most elegant ballrooms in New York City. And when billionaire Luke Ellison enters the mix, the press goes wild. Can Julia fight her attraction toward a man who broke her heart so many years ago?

1 review for Groomless – Part 2

  1. Stephanie

    Am I am only one who is getting part 3 instead of part 2?

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