Grime & Punishment


The only thing worse than a serial killer that hates you…is a serial killer that likes you.

It’s the beginning of the worst knock-knock joke ever: a dead body, a pregnant vampire, and a murderous ex all show up on the same doorstep. Except this joke happens to be my life. 

The dead body is a “gift” from the notorious vampire serial killer. Doesn’t anyone send flowers anymore? 

The only upside to his attention is that Nico, a one-eyed werewolf private detective, has decided to assign himself as my personal bodyguard. Even though Nico gets me hot and bothered, I’m done with bad boys. Instead, I’m determined to make things work with a new guy that I’ve met. A nice human guy. But I can’t take this relationship to the next level with a werewolf on my tail. 

As if that wasn’t enough, I’m also juggling a new cleaning job at a supernatural brothel and trying to hunt down a kidnapped baby.

Can I juggle work, romance, and an obsessed serial killer? I can, or I’ll die trying.


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