Gladioli in August

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The work place is volatile and the volcano is restless…

Jael Stevens questions her decisions after she ignores her brother’s warnings and takes a sabbatical to work as a nurse on the volcanic island Tiampu. The position isn’t what she imagined. Long hours, difficult working conditions, and frequent rumblings from the nearby mountain are only made bearable by the joy of helping others and a certain set-in-his-ways pilot. 

Micah Norris has dedicated his life to God and is more than content with his permanent bachelor status. But after his childhood filled with abuse, could it be that keeping his distance from others is self-preservation? When Jael Stevens shows up, Micah isn’t prepared to like her. He sees the new nurse as just another in a long line of caregivers from “civilization” who have no idea what life on a remote island will be like, and he is tired of constantly having to train new professionals who don’t last. But Jael makes a big impression. 

With her Christ-centered focus and her kind treatment to patients, she may be just what the doctor ordered. His confirmed bachelor status may be in serious trouble. Can he finally let go of his painful past, and will he have enough time to do so with a volatile workplace and a restless volcano?

1 review for Gladioli in August

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A young nurse, nervous to start a 6 months position in an island community, encounters a staid and non commital air pilot, who rubs her the wrong way.
    However, over a short period, both come to respect the other.
    Then mother nature gets into the picture, and dramatic isn’t a strong enough word to explain the trek our two intrepid rescuers have to take.
    A very good yarn!

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