Girl Returned

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Espionage and passionate erotic romance in a mysterious far away land.

Aletta has returned and she’s going to rock Martin’s world. Her relationship with Peter in turmoil, Aletta needs to make some space to get her life back together and find the strength to fight for her love. Out of the blue she decides to visit her ex-boyfriend. He has always been there for her; even after she’d left him he’d remained her best friend and soul partner. 

Working as a teacher and an occasional reluctant spy in the mysterious Azerbaijan, Martin, had long given up hope of ever seeing Aletta again. Martin and Aletta’s world is turned upside-down, as they discover their passion has never died. Aletta’s return launches them on an erotic sex-charged journey of self-discovery. Can she use her present to re-live her past and find the strength to face her future? Can Martin survive losing her again? 

Girl Returned follows the lives of six friends working in a the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. Now an independent country, its oil- and gas-rich economy is powering it towards modernity at breakneck speed. In the work-hard play-hard environment of Baku, six friends live, work, and love. 


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