Ghost Frequencies

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Unless Susan McDonald makes a breakthrough soon, Ashford, the billionaire investor financing her experimental physics project, will cut off her funding. Despite her conviction she’s close to developing a revolutionary new form of instantaneous communication, her goal proves frustratingly elusive.

The last thing she needs is a team of ghost hunters moving into her base of operations, Ashford Hall – a building with a troubled past. Nor does she need the odd sounds – snatches of random conversation and even music – that hamper her and her team’s experiments.

But does this interference indicate something supernatural, or some as yet unknown property of nature? The more she investigates, determined to dig out the truth, the more events turn sinister as she finds herself forced to confront a decades-old mystery. One that suggests the universe holds many more secrets than she might ever have believed.

1 review for Ghost Frequencies

  1. Stacy Bender

    This story was a nice mix of science and paranormal.
    Would definitely read more from this author.

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