Ghost Dreams

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Was a haunted house the best place to recover from a broken heart?
No, but young Josh was not thinking clearly when he fled Manhattan to Northern Michigan. He had spent many summers in the rambling Victorian house that had been built by his Great-Great Grandfather on the shores of Rainbow Lake. Josh thought the house used for vacations was sitting empty, and it was, except for the ghosts within. Lonely ghosts who had watched him as a child.
When his fun (soon to be) gay best friend Chet shows up, the atmosphere of the house comes alive.
The attractive brother and sister ghosts who have long inhabited the mansion, find the two cute lonely young guys amusing to haunt and tease, but then they begin to become haunted by them, in a most romantic way.
Can the living and the dead find love?
What happens when an evil young cousin shows up to cause trouble for everyone?


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