Gertrude, Gumshoe: Gunslinger City

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Gertrude’s never been so busy. There’s been a murder at a Wild West theme park, and Gertrude is on the scene. But she can’t stay long, because there’s been another murder in Mattawooptock.

To complicate matters, Deputy Hale has lost his patience with her eccentric sleuthing. Can she avoid his handcuffs long enough to solve a murder? Or two?

2 reviews for Gertrude, Gumshoe: Gunslinger City

  1. Laura

    I absolutely love this series and I love Gertrude. Her antics and comments frequently make me laugh out loud. This time, Calvin, with his love of westerns, gets involved with a long forgotten western amusement park and drags Gertrude along. While I absolutely enjoy Gertrude’s curmudgeonous behavior, I especially liked Gertrude showing her softer side to a character in need – I certainly hope this relationship is explored further in future books. Each book in this series is a standalone – however, it is wonderful that characters from other books in this series are not forgotten and occasionally make cameo appearances.

    The narration by Darlene Allen is great. She is the narrator for entire series and fits perfectly.

  2. Julie Howard

    I enjoyed this fun instalment to the Gertrude series. Gertrude and Calvin are such fun characters and I love the way Gertrude keeps coming out with sayings that aren’t quite right and Calvin needs to interpret for her. The mystery was nice and easy to follow along and didn’t have to many suspects for a short that you lost who everybody was. I have enjoyed all the Gertrude books so far and like the way the author is developing the characters with each book. With the first book Gertrude was a grump old women who had no friends, even Calvin tried to avoid her when he could and just bullied people to get what she wanted and only lived for her cats. Now she has lots of friends willing to help her and Calvin is even encouraging her to investigate, she is still a bully but does it with good intentions. I like the new and improved Gertrude and can’t wait to listen to the next book.
    Calvin has great family memories of time spent at the Wild West Theme Park so when he receives a letter asking for help he takes Gertrude along to share his memories with. But the once busy cowboy theme park full of old buildings and shops with cowboys roaming around ready to picture with has become a ghost town. Literally, last year’s Halloween decorations haven’t been taking down yet and one of them looks so life like, well it would have if the man wasn’t dead. Gertrude Gumshoe has found herself another case to solve. Avoiding the law in the wild west lead to some interesting fun and games and it hasn’t changed much for Gertrude and Calvin. Can they solve the murder and save the theme park? Or will they get run out of town by the law?
    The narrator does a good job portraying Gertrude and her friends with her elderly sounding voice.
    I was given the free review copy audiobook from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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