Geoffrey’s Queen

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Two worlds, one dream, and a dragon

Geoffrey’s Queen is a non-stop adventure that will grab your heart and demand your full attention.

A magical portal transports Nanda from Denver to a world where dragons once roamed the skies. To survive, she teams up with the one man she knows. 
But Prince Geoffrey doesn’t know her. 

When two spells collide during a battle, Geoffrey is transported to a world with one moon and no magic. He teams up with the one woman he knows. 

But Nanda doesn’t know him.  

Druyor weaves a complex tapestry of true love born from action, drama, horror, and destiny. Readers are sucked in by how the story is revealed through Geoffrey and Nanda’s personal journals. 

You won’t believe the twists!

1 review for Geoffrey’s Queen

  1. Mia Harper

    I really liked the ‘blurb’ so I gave it a go, but I found a bit confusing, not the easiest book to get into but worth perservering. I really love Gwendolyn Druyor’s narration. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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