Genie’s Awakening

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Visit Reverie Resort, a luxury hotel on a tropical island where vacationers come to enjoy their wildest dreams but get more than they ever expected….

Genevieve, a Jinn, comes to Reverie Resort for one last vacation before she must go before the Afrit tribunal and formally declare that she has no powers. She hopes to enjoy one last taste of a luxury beyond even what she is used to before being cast out of her own dimension to live among humans.

But something goes wrong. Instead of the spa weekend she’s expecting, she finds herself on a remote, barren planet being auctioned off to the highest bidder and has no way to contact her hosts to correct the situation. Is there really a mix up? Or do her hosts have sinister intentions toward her? In the meantime, she finds her new owner, Colin, to be quite attractive for a human….

1 review for Genie’s Awakening

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A story reminiscent of Paradise Island, a very old TV program, where people went to vacation and have their dreams fulfilled.

    In this episode a young female Gin, had come for a last Harrah, before fronting a tribunal in her home world, to admit that her powers had not been realized. This would have meant she would have been exiled to Earth, to live as a human.
    However, her experience on her “vacation”, changed her and her outlook on life.
    Good read!

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