Gay For A Day

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Nick first told me he was straight. Then, Nick told me he was curious. He was straight, he said, but just as an experiment, he wanted to see what gay was like.

The way he’d announced to me he was straight, it was like he was drawing a line in the sand. As if his straightness was a fortress, an impenetrable wall… like it was a challenge…

But lines in the sand were made to be crossed, and fortress walls were made to be climbed over. To me, barriers were meant to be penetrated.

I am not the kind of guy who goes out of his way to break into a place or to change someone’s mind about their sexuality.

However, if I am invited to enter somewhere or asked to show a person a different view of things, I might politely accept the invitation.

And I do like an occasional challenge…and an occasional penetration into unknown territory, like the forbidden zone of a hot, cute, “straight” boy – especially when he has the tall, waspy, blonde looks of a rich Greenwich preppie who just stepped off the his daddy’s yacht in his deck shoes.

I have been told by men flirting with me that my green eyes are cat-like and captivating and my lips are sensual and my white smile charming enough to bring a man to his knees, which is mostly how I like them.



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