Gaming the System


Commit an online crime, go to an online jail. In this MMORPG penal colony, inmates PVP to gain EXP, loot, and most of all…survive. 

Seph has been sentenced to play in one of these virtual correctional facilities. Sounds fun right? Maybe for some, but there is no worse punishment for Seph, mostly because he isn’t a gamer. Will he be able to complete his sentence with all the trials and objectives thrown at him? Trapped in a virtual world he cannot escape, Seph now has to step outside of his comfort zone and align himself with the very thing he’s been rebelling against his whole life – the system.

Sick of the same old LITRPG tropes? Try something different with this character-driven story.

This book has:

  • Stats
  • Character creation
  • Leveling up
  • A companion character
  • Loot
  • PVP
  • Boss fights
  • Learning through failure
  • An out-of-game backstory
  • No overpowered main characters
  • No harems

Game designer and avid gamer, P.A. Wikoff, wrote this story as a love letter to a lifetime of gaming.


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