Gambled Pride

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He’s running from his past, she’s chasing her future.

Lied to by her father, abandoned by her mother and determined to keep her promise to a dying sister…

Rachel Stanley, feels lost and afraid after saying a final farewell to her beloved sister. She is truly alone in the world, and must travel west disguised as her sister, to marry one of two men she’s never met.

Rachel knows who’s to blame for her miserable and empty life. She wants revenge. Not only for herself, but for the loss of her beautiful sister. What she needs to make happen, she can’t do alone. She needs help and hopes to find it in the man she’ll be marrying in Jubilee Springs.

Tired of living in the company’s bunkhouse with the other miners. Beg Wilson decides to take his bosses up on their generous offer of finding wives for their workers, and take advantage of the provided lodgings that came with it, by putting his name down to receive a mail order bride.

He’s never really had a home and is determined to shake the ghost of his past, hoping to find a future with the woman whose letters move him, and make him think a good life is possible. He’ll finally be able to plant roots and have a normal family life. 

The only trouble is, his bride is not who she says she is.

Rachel and Beg are on a collision course, where his past and her future will merge into one. What Rachel’s running away from, is what Beg is trying to forget. Destiny’s demands have fated they do it together, bringing with it bittersweet memories, hurt feelings, peace of mind and new beginnings.

Can two lost souls heal each other and find happiness?

Find out now by grabbing your copy of Gambled Pride today.

3 reviews for Gambled Pride

  1. Lori Dykes

    I have fallen in love with audible and with historical westerns. This story is exactly why. Two broken people who need each other terribly, they just don’t know it yet and the path that brings them together.
    Rachel and her sister Mary Beth had been left at the hands of their terrible father when their mother left. Mary Beth has been planning for her and Rachel to go out west and be mail order brides. She had been corresponding with two men and putting away money. But she ends up passing away and Rachel makes a run for it.
    There are so many layers to this story and the narrator C J McAllistar brought this story of the heart alive and I did not want to miss a single word. I listened every spare minute I had and at the end, I could not wait to go to the next one by this author.. I just want to thank the author for making this available and she has won a devoted fan forever!

  2. Coolestmommy R

    I have fallen in love with the Brides of Jubilee Springs series. Wonderful western historicals with fantastic characters and some good old fashioned cowboy action. Rachel’s story was one that captivated my own heart and you will root for her the whole way through the story. Don’t miss out on a wonderful western romance.

  3. Benita Dilley

    In this lightly Christian mail order bride tale, Rachel is a 18 year old woman fleeing the recent death of her mom-like older sister (caused by the abuse of their father) who follows her sister’s plan to travel to Colorado to meet a mail order intended, equally damaged by past trauma.

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