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Finding your fated mate is rare. Hunters will regret stealing mine. 

Whitney Morrison is a full-bodied, successful event planner, a human, and my fated mate. I’m the Alpha of Monterey and I always get what I want.  

I catch her scent at a wine festival and invite her to dinner. A dinner invitation that leads to the most memorable night of my life. The next morning I return to our room to find Whitney has run away.  

My wolf is devastated. She will learn there is no running from your fated mate.  

Three months of searching and preparing has finally brought her back to me. She is on my land and in my home having accepted a job in the area. My wolf is pushing me to make her mine. Before I can mark and claim her, Hunters attack the pack, stealing her from me.

The hunt is on.

Publisher note: Full-Bodied is a BBW paranormal shifter romance with steamy heat in and out of the bedroom for mature readers only. This story contains one bossy, overprotective alpha and a successful, capable heroine who struggles to believe in fated mates and everlasting love.

2 reviews for Full-bodied

  1. Vicki

    Jamie and Whitney meet at a wine festival and spend one glorious night together. Jamie recognizes her as his fated mate. Then they do not see each other for a few months where Jamie orchestrates a plan to get her to come to his winery. This book was so good and a great addition to the Tangled Vines series. As always, JT Farrell did an outstanding job with the narration.

  2. JM I

    Good story, but narration didn’t fit.

    Audio Review:

    This review is addressing the audio version, this narrator is not for me. I hate to sound negative, because I am sure some people may love the voice. This is absolutely not what I expected to hear from an Alpha Wolf. The narrator comes across more as a crotchety old man to me. When I hear him speak, I never get a picture of a strong, virile Alpha male. The voice doesn’t fit for me for this book.

    Ebook Review:

    Definitely a 4 star read for me. If it had been longer, or had an epilogue, I would have kicked it up to 5 stars.

    Jameson and Whitney’s story had a bit of a different feel to me from the previous books in the series. The struggle was not about being claimed or dominated as much as it was about Whitney being a bit insecure. I did appreciate the fine line that was walked between Whitney’s insecurity in certain aspects, but her strength and confidence in other things.

    Whitney was very much like the other strong, intelligent women in this series. Jameson was completely dominant, and quite a bit more manipulative than some of the other alphas.

    There was danger, action, and some suspense as the Hunters reared their ugly heads again. I was really expecting more to happen before the book ended. I admit that I was more than a little disappointed. But, it was still a very quick, entertaining read.

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