From Garden to Grave

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If you like spunky heroines, laugh-out-loud humor, and charming small towns with big city crime rates, then you’ll love Rickie Blair’s Leafy Hollow Mysteries. In From Garden to Grave, Book 1 of the series, “accidental gardener” Verity Hawkes blunders into a murder mystery while hunting for her missing aunt. 

5 reviews for From Garden to Grave

  1. Julie Howard

    Wow, I just loved this book and hope the next book is released soon because I want to find out what happens next. The characters were fun and I enjoyed the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the aunt. The small facts and secrets that Verity found out added a little something to the story and gave a little twist to what promises to be a great cozy mystery series. It also had me chuckling in a few places.
    When Verify’s Aunt disappears in leafy Hollow, she has to leave her apartment after two years and face her fears to travel to the sleepy town. When she arrives things are not quite what she is expecting, her aunts cottage is run down and her garden business is in trouble. Verity doesn’t believe her resourceful and eccentric aunt can be dead and decides to stick around and keep things going for her aunt until she returns. The problem is Verity doesn’t know anything about gardening and her first job doesn’t go well but it turns even worse when the client turn up dead. It turns out Leafy Hollow isn’t so sleepy and as Verity was the last person to have a shouting match with the victim the police are taking a closer look at her. Can Varity solve the disappearance of her aunty? Or more importantly dig up clues that will stop herself from being arrested?
    The narrator was good and I liked her use of vocals for all the characters.
    All in all I liked this book and I highly recommend it, in fact I am going to suggest my mum listens to it too.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    I actually read this book, and then reviewed it.
    I found this a very interesting murder mystery, because, unlike most mystery books of this type, we have a naive you woman, who is a known introvert, that is plunged into situations that should have freaked her out, but she had, through reading self help books, learnt various mechanisms to cope. Plus, unlike most detective type mysteries, this young lady didn’t always work out who did it, in fact, she failed miserably. Her theories were often spot on, it was the proving those ideas, she often ended up being very embarrassed when caught.
    Yes, I did enjoy this tale, and look forward to listening to the audiobook for the next in the series.

  3. Catrina P

    What happened to Verity’s aunt? The case has gone cold and she is assumed dead. Now, as her heir, it’s up to Verity to take care of her business and home. As the only newcomer to the area, she finds herself in the middle of a strange set of circumstances that sets her up as a murder suspect.

    After a bit of a slow start, things picked up. Rickie Blair introduces quite a few quirky characters and some great plot twists. There’s a great ending and setup for the next story.

    Peter’s Burchard delivered an entertaining performance.

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.

  4. Somanea Khoeurn

    I finished this book in one day. It started off a little slow but once Verity got to Leafy Hollow, things picked up. As usual things start to take action when the heroine or the hero get in town. I’m glad to see our heroine let people get close to her again. Over all I enjoyed reading this book, like the craziness of Verity and her friends got into when they were investigating the case. There were parts that I laughed over. The ending made me wanting answers. I can’t wait to start the next book. What happen to Verity missing aunt? Petrea Burchard did a good job narrating this book. I gave her a 5 star rating on audible.

  5. Tom Casey

    I found it a bit silly at the start and wasn´t sure if i would like it, but by chapter 3 i started getting in to it and by the end of the story I loved it. This novel is very well written, easy to read and fun characters which i found easy to imagine. Full of twists and turns and some laughs too.
    Definitely recommend reading or listening too.
    This review is based on an audio book I received from Audiobooks Unleashed and wanted to give an honest review.

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