Friends From The Edge

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A missing teenage boy. Three friends who know what happened. A secret they swear never to tell. Until the secret comes back to haunt them…30 years later.

Jack, Matt, Cassie, and Lisa are four friends growing up on “The Edge”, a cul-de-sac in the 80s. The alpha male, the lucky one, the goody-two shoes, and the glamorous hottie that all the boys want. 

On the outside, they seem to have it all. Yet inside, the teens are shattered in pieces. It is their unbreakable friendship with each other that prevents them from falling apart. Until the one night when tragedy is set forth into motion by their actions, leaving one of the four dead and missing. 

The remaining three swear to never speak of that night again…or to each other. They go their separate ways, hoping to bury their mistakes and the past.

Thirty years later, one of the friends gets an ominous message. Someone is digging into their past and threatening to expose their secret. Who is it and what do they really want? Is their secret the only thing that isn’t safe, or are their lives in danger, too?

1 review for Friends From The Edge

  1. Norma Miles

    “Never tell anyone.”
    Four teenagers, three of them friends since childhood before a glamorous 13 years old girl from New York joined the group, spent most of their free time together.for two or so years before tragedy struck and one died. The surviving boy and two girls make a pact never to speak of that day to anyone, not even each other. Each go separate ways until, thirty years later, one of them suddenly receives a message that shows someone else knew the secret they’d been hiding. But who? And why had this person only now revealed the knowledge, and what did this person intend?

    Whilst the story initially promised a tantalizing mystery, it was written in a bland prose form both colorless and irritating in construction, alternating short chapters between present day happenings and the events leading up to the incident in 1989. A profile of each of the four youngstsrs is given, enough to make all four appear fairly unpleasant without really giving character to any. The final revelation of what happened was long drawn out and tedious, proving ultimately unsatisfying and with too many loose ends left despite an epilogue. The narration, however, was good, lifting the book itself to some extent. Chris Koprowski has a pleasant voice, well modulated, with some definition in separate voices for different protagonists but occasional words were mispronounced and there was a tendency not to leave even a brief gap between chapters which was slightly confusing.

    I received this book, Friends from the Edge, at my request as a complimentary download from Audiobook Unleashed. My thanks to the rights holder for making it freely available to all at the click of a button. Sadly, however, and despite an intriguing beginning, the time spent on it was wasted, a promise never fulfilled

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