Freeze Frame

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Not your typical cold case.

Photographer Wendy Fairmont is excited to book a gig at a child’s birthday party. But when Mr. Squishy is found frozen to death in her parents’ freezer, all signs point to the lodge’s housekeeper. It’s up to Wendy to sort through the suspects and clear her friend’s name.

Meanwhile, she has her own family drama to deal with. She and her estranged brother have old business to sort out. And what about Jake? Can she make room for a new romance, or will she shut him out? The sheriff is busy with a movie crew in town, but not too busy to harass Wendy.   

Freeze Frame is the second book in the Killer Shots Mysteries. It’s another fun, flirty, and snarky puzzle by Lisa B. Thomas, author of the Maycroft Mystery Series.

1 review for Freeze Frame

  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book. This is the second book in the series and can be read or listened to as a standalone book but as both books are a lot of fun, why would you? I just love the characters, especially Wendy and the story is nicely balanced out with her love life, family drama and of course the investigation. I like Wendy’s profession, a photographer is a nice change for a cozy mystery and lends itself to many more investigation and situations for Wendy and her friends to find themselves in. The mystery itself was interesting and I liked the way it suddenly took off in a different direction, just when you thought you had the motive. I had sort of guessed who the killer was but only because Wendy hadn’t suspected the culprit until the very end. Off to start the next book.
    A child’s birthday party isn’t off to a great start when the entertainer twists his ankle the night before riding his unicycle. His replacement is a drunk clown. It’s Wendy’s job to take the party photos and help sober him up before he has to perform. But she gets a shock when she meets her estranged brother and loses the clown. The clown is later found dead in the freezer. Was it an accident? The police believe the lodges housekeeper and Wendy’s friend locked him in on purpose after an argument earlier in in the day. Wendy knows there is no way she did it by accident, let alone on purpose and with the possibility of her own parents lodge suffering from the fall out she sets out to find the killer. Coulrophobia is a fear of clowns but could somebody really be killing off clowns? Wendy’s sort of boyfriend discovers it’s not the first time the small town has had problems involving clowns. Is there a connect? The sheriff is too busy running around after a film crew that is in the area to follow up on her clues, so can Wendy find the answers?
    I like the narrator and am glad she seems to be the authors narrator of choice for this series. Not only does having the same narrator for each book add continuity to the series but she does a great job and I can’t imagine anyone else as Wendy.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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