Frantic (A Dark Reverse Harem Romance) The Omegaborn Trilogy, Book 2

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In the city, my need could be controlled. Out here beyond the walls, it controls me.

Naked, bound, and helplessly on display, my arousal drips down my bare thighs and pools at my feet as the entire city watches, waiting for the inevitable. I’m going into heat, and they know it.

Someone took what I felt was mine and I tried to get revenge, but I was caught, and now I’m about to be punished so shamefully I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look anyone in the eye again.

When I’m found by the feral brutes who live in these wild lands, they will show my virgin body no mercy. With my need growing more intense by the second, I’m not sure I’ll want them to….

By the time the savage beasts arrive to claim and ravage me, I’m going to be absolutely frantic.

3 reviews for Frantic (A Dark Reverse Harem Romance) The Omegaborn Trilogy, Book 2

  1. Christine

    Great omega verse story. One of my favorite authors and it was great to hear the audio version of this book.

  2. Michelle Kettler

    First time listening to this authors writing. OMG HOT!!!. Be prepared for some multiple partners in this series. 3 men claim Triss> very hot and sexy but not a lot of time to feel romance at all. The narration was spot on. I will listen to more by this author.

  3. Vicki

    Sometimes it does not pay to try to get revenge on someone because sometimes it backfires and you get what you deserve. You are punished (maybe) and the drugs that suppress your sexual urges are removed from your system. Three alphas take Triss, who is an Omega, and they do every and anything to her, which she eventually enjoys. Triss thought she was better and smarter than Raven, but she soon found out she was not. The three alphas and Triss are captured and returned to the dome for experimentation. But, something interesting happens when Triss is broken out of the lab and her three alphas are drugged. The ending left the door open for the next book—a cliffhanger. I can’t wait to find out what happens to the others. This was a very enjoyable book. Sarah Puckett and Jack Calihan did a great job with the narration. I especially love Jack’s narration with his deep sexy voice.

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