Four Erotic Tales: New Adult Erotic Romance (MF, student/teacher)


Tales of seduction, desire, serendipity… and pleasure

Love is a lesson we all learn as we go

As Ken’s young lover Allison is leaving for college, she asks him to write her. But not just to send her letters full of his love and desire; no — Allison wants her more experienced lover to share the stories of his own sexual education. “You’ve done so much. I want to know… everything,” she tells him.

How can Ken not comply?

From K. D. West, here are Ken’s love letters to Allison, his Juliet — sensual tales of seduction, desire, serendipity… and pleasure:

  1. Dana: Thing of Beauty — A thing of beauty is a joy forever. And a beautiful teacher can be the pleasure of a lifetime. A tale of sexual initiation.
  2. Bridget: Knot Untied — Ken wants Bridget. Bridget wants Ken. What could go wrong? A tale of desire, confusion, and fulfillment— though not necessarily in that order.
  3. Rachel: The Big Easy — In a beautiful city, take one part heartsick man, add one part gorgeous young woman and seven parts cayenne-hot sex. Mix together and you’ve got the gumbo that is… The Big Easy. A tale of sexual serendipity.
  4. Veronica: Arise, Fair Sun — A Romeo and his Juliet find that sometimes a nice summer affair is just what the doctor ordered. A tale of sexual tension wonderfully resolved.
Extract (from “Veronica”):

A few hours later, I heard my roommates (and at least one of their girlfriends) leave for work — they’d both graduated the year before, and had the kinds of corporate jobs that measured their time at work by the minute. I lay there, taking in the morning sunlight glowing in Veronica’s hair, the warm roundness of her, the sticky heat of her bottom against my stomach. The sun hadn’t quite topped the sill of my window, but I already felt sunblind. The image of her that morning has stayed with me all of these years.
I stayed there like that for perhaps a half an hour, and I don’t think I’d ever been a whole lot happier, or a whole lot more whole. Finally, as the daylight finally began to creep across the futon, I whispered into her ear, “Arise, fair sun.”
Veronica began to stretch and grumble. With a start she sat up and looked around. “What time is it?”
“Almost 8:00.”
“S__. I should head up to the job site soon,” she pouted.
I gazed at her, her right cheek blotchy where it had rested on my arm as she slept, her breasts marked with the wrinkles of my sheets. Her fine hair, which had been up in the oh-so-elegant chignon the night before was tangled in a well-f___ed rat’s-nest.
She was gorgeous — a debauched vision.
“I’ve dreamed of waking up like this with you ever since that party at your place.” I ran my thumb over her cheek. “Please. I’d like to make love with you one more time.”
Her eyes got large and still. Then she gave a shy smile, leaned down, and kissed me. “F___ ‘em,” she murmured into my lips. “They can start without me.”


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