Forget-Me-Nots in September

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On his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Bev King signs up for the parcel service. He likes the contact from home, appreciates the generosity and thoughtfulness of his benefactor, and is intrigued by this woman who lives in the same town as his grandmother. 

Jude Travis loves sending care packages to servicemen and is thrilled when “her squaddie” replies. A rapid letter exchange follows, and when he comes home on R&R, they meet. 

But Jude is being stalked, and Bev might just get snagged in the crossfire. 

Will this whirlwind romance cause repercussions? Could coming home be more dangerous for Bev than staying in a combat zone?

1 review for Forget-Me-Nots in September

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    She sent care packages to overseas military personnel.
    He received one of her packages, including an introductory letter. Her sense of humour appealed to him and he responded.
    It was just coincidence that he lived across the road from his grandmother and next leave he ran into her.
    Yes, that would have been an excellent story to there, but there’s more to this tale than just a romance and the author’s rendition of the story is far superior to mine.
    It’s dramatic and suspenseful, with a bit of a twist in it.
    An excellent tale!

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