Forever Now



For the first 30 years of his life, Kade Thompson knew exactly who he was and where his life in Australia was going. He made tough choices he thought his family needed — even if it meant leaving behind the one woman who had his heart. 

A phone call changes everything. 

His American biological parents and family have tracked him down — so, who are the people who raised him? 

Who is he? 

The Barringtons mourned for him when they thought he was dead — now they are swooping in to rescue him. 

From what? 

When everything Kade thought he knew about himself comes into question, he turns to the one person who has always been there for him — Annie. Part of him always knew he’d come home to her, but has too much time gone by for her to give him another chance? 


Independence and success hadn’t always been her dream. At 20, she imagined a much different path for herself — one that included Kade Thompson and a fairy tale happily ever after with him. Painfully in love, she waited for him to wake up and realize how perfect they were for each other. 

She never lost faith in him. Even after he left, she was confident he would come back to her.  

He never did. 

So, she picked herself up, dusted her dreams off, and made a good life for herself without him. 

Until he walks into her parents’ pub and says he needs her. 

He’s not looking for a wife or a lover — so sleeping with him is definitely not a good idea. He’s reeling from the changes in his life and needs the friendship they’ve always shared, but she needs more than to be a comfort to him. 

Annie has finally moved on. She’s found happiness without him. Can she be there for him and not lose herself again? 

He’s not Kade Thompson. He’s not Kent Barrington. He’s somewhere between the two, trying to figure himself out. How could they possibly find their forever now? 

Book 6 in The Barrington Billionaires Series


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