Forever, Alaska


Sage Brennan and Alaska “Lass” Jones were best friends who loved and lived together. She went on to “bigger and better” things in New York City, and Sage stayed in Coopertown, Alaska, as their sheriff. For three years, the two of them caught up weekly on the phone, texted back and forth, and he would always ask if she was coming back, and her answer was always a resounding, “No!”

That all came to a screeching halt early one morning. Lass was now the prime suspect in the murder of her mother that happened before she moved to New York City three years before. She was ordered to come back to Coopertown, which she did, but there was only one problem. Her mother had died 10 years before, in New York City, or had she?

What was going on? Could Sage try and figure it out before time ran out? There was also a bigger problem. It seemed like time was no longer on a fixed course, but played with them at its whimsy.


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