For the Love of Maude


Hiding in history isn’t the thrill Emily thought it would be….

But neither is time travel. 

2019 TopShelf Book Awards, First Place Winner, Second Novel Category

2018 New Apple Summer eBook Awards, Solo Medalist Winner, Historical Fiction

2018 Global ebook Awards, Bronze Medal Winner, Fiction-Fantasy/Historical Setting

2018 Global eBook Awards, Bronze Medal Winner, Fiction-Romance Historical Category

When her husband, Dell, is seriously injured in an accident meant to free her from her past, Emily is left to await his recovery alone. Traversing time without the man of her dreams becomes a nightmare with no apparent end, until her husband’s younger self, Shane, arrives – handsome, arrogant, and ready to challenge Emily’s feelings for a husband who might not survive his injuries. 

Inspired by the memory of Maude, her beloved great-great-aunt, Emily tries to escape her new life, only to discover that she may have just risked everything for the love of Maude. 

Take a journey in time with Emily. Get your copy! 

For the Love of Maude is the second book of The Dear Maude Trilogy. The first, Dear Maude, is the award-winning story of a college graduate, whose first job is anything but conventional. Thrust into the mysterious world of time travel, Emily learns to survive by baring her soul and secrets within the pages of a journal she addresses to her great-great-aunt, and by losing her heart in a romance that knows no boundaries, including time.


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