For Love or Money: A Contemporary Mid-Western Romance

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Will she discover the truth before she makes her choice?

When Theresa returns to her home town in Montana with her veterinary degree in hand, she finds her childhood heartthrob divorced, embittered, and sworn off women.

It isn’t until she becomes engaged to his younger brother that he steps forward to declare his love. Now she must choose.

One brother wants her for love while the other wants the inheritance she brings with her. 

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1 review for For Love or Money: A Contemporary Mid-Western Romance

  1. Amy Corbell

    This is a tale of two brothers wanting the same woman but for very different reasons. Theresa comes back to her home town in Montana. She finds the guy (Jeffrey) she fell for growing up is now divorced but he has basically sworn off woman after his wife cheated on him. She ends up meeting his younger brother, David, and they hit it off pretty well.
    He even asks her to marry him which she agrees to even knowing her feelings for Jeffrey are so much stronger. David’s motives are not pure as he got into some money trouble and he finds out that Theresa has an inheritance coming to her from her father on her 30th birthday. Little does she know, David has a little problem though and he cannot stay with one woman. He also fathers two children due to his carelessness. He even calls himself a “sex addict” and belonged to sex clubs. The attraction she feels for Jeffrey keeps pulling her back to him and they end up getting caught in the act. The sequence of events works out more in her favor and what Jeffrey and Theresa have is true love.

    This story does end up having a happy ending and has lots of steamy scenes.

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