Foods to Fight Cancer: Essential Foods to Help Prevent Cancer

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Nowadays, a lot of people spend a significant amount of money for prescription drugs, and it seems for every health issue doctors recommend some form of a drug. So, when doctors prescribe drugs for a specific health issue, then for sure this drug must be very efficient, right? Well, if you consider the amount of people using chemotherapy to treat cancer and the number of people who beat cancer with this treatment, then it’s clear that the drug prescribed doesn’t work very well.

Power and money are the main driving forces behind the production of drugs. The main objective for drug agencies is to make as much profits as possible as it is pure business. The more sick people, the more potential clients there are. Treating cancer with chemo is a remarkable way to make money.

Big drug agencies formulate the rules and break the rules. The reason why natural and alternative treatments for cancer aren’t in the mainstream is not because they are not working but because it is hard to patent nature.

If you want to find other means to prevent or fight cancer besides medications and chemotherapy, this book is perfect for you. This book will enlighten you about the most effective yet safest and most nutritious way of preventing and treating any kind of cancer.


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