Foods That Will Turn Your Metabolism into a Fat Burning Machine

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Most people know that your metabolism has to do with burning calories and losing weight. But, did you know that you can turn your metabolism into a fat burning machine by eating certain foods at certain times? 

This audiobook, Foods That Will Turn Your Metabolism Into a Fat Burning Machine: A Guide on How to Lose Weight will teach you how to eat to ignite your metabolism by helping you visualize how the process works, and showing you what foods to eat and when. 

If you follow this guide, you will finally succeed with your weight loss goals, feel more energized and look fantastic. 

Here’s what you will learn from this audiobook: 


  • An Introduction To How The Metabolism Works To Get A Visual Understanding 
  • How To Chose Which Foods To Eat and When To Optimize Your Own Fat Burning Machine 
  • Body Types 
  • How Eating More Meals Can Help You 
  • Metabolism Boosting Breakfast Foods 
  • Metabolism Boosting Lunch Foods 
  • Metabolism Boosting Dinner Foods 
  • Metabolism Boosting Snack Foods 
  • Foods To Avoid That Can Make You Fat 
  • How To Read The Food Label
  • Sample


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