Firestorm: The Wildfire Saga, Book 3

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Some fires can’t be contained.

America is on the brink of collapse. The Council has revealed itself to be the driving force behind the bio-weapon that has unleashed The Pandemic upon the world once again.

There’s only one problem – the Council is now public enemy number one. Cooper Braaten and his SEALs are tasked with delivering the international cabal to justice for the chaos and death unleashed when they created the weaponized virus. It’s mutated into a monster more lethal than anyone could have guessed, but a cure is within reach – if the Council can be stopped in time.

After a devastating attack on the US government’s ultra-secure command center, Chad Huntley – The Source – is desperate for the freedom of anonymity. As the most wanted man alive, he’s trapped deep underground, his life ruled once again by scientists. His only hope of escape and true freedom lies with an enigmatic double-agent named 13. But which side is she on?

Firestorm is the explosive conclusion to the opening trilogy of the post-apocalyptic Wildfire Saga.

2 reviews for Firestorm: The Wildfire Saga, Book 3

  1. RJ

    Captain Derek Alston and his Rangers managed to retrieve Chad Huntley from the Russians, returning him to the waiting scientists. Faux President Baron reaps his well-deserved fate. Second Lieutenant Cooper Braton and his Seals succeed in retrieving virologist Boatner, now ordered to Washington to assist in cleaning up that mess. Denny returned to the story after a brief hiatus from the previous volume. Denny has to fight not only the German invaders but people from his town in a powerplay move. Denny vows to eliminate Townsend, the leader of the revolt. Poor Chad gets himself kidnapped once again. That man can’t stay put! The loss of one of the main characters was one of the most dramatic and traumatic occurrences of the prior volume. Whether this was necessary for the ongoing plotline or not, as the reader involved in the story, I miss the character’s presence and effect. Through subterfuge and treachery, the mutating Super Virus has made it’s way to Europe and China. The Council’s control has disappeared courtesy of Reginald. Lastly, Reginald draws the main focus in this last volume. Reginald’s castle in Sky, Scotland is now ground zero. Great story! Hooyah! I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Mia Harper

    13 vs Jane!
    What can I say, this series just keeps getting better, there seems to be no end to Reginald’s machinations, his pet pandemic is off its leash and sweeping its way across the globe, and the teams keep losing good men. Chad just wants freedom and anonymity now they’ve perfected the serum, and 13 & Cooper have vengeance on their minds. Denny’s struggling with his concience over the Russians, and hiding from the mini dictators set up by President Baron, now running his town and terrorising its population. A masterpiece of intrigue and suspense that kept me captive to the end and begging for more!

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