Fire and Brimstone

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What exactly did dear old mum get up to before I was born?

I was supposed to be going to Harvard on a full ride. I’ve always been excellent at chemistry. Turns out my knack for chemicals was because my mum is a witch and a potions master. Did I mention she summoned a demon for a ritual and Lucifer himself came? Can I tell you how weird it is to go from card carrying atheist to finding out Satan is your dad? Harvard is out. My magic was bound when I was a baby. Apparently, now I’m going to Fortuna Conservatory instead because once I’m unbound, I can cause hell on earth. Something about being the princess of Hell.

I’m engaged to be married to who I thought was my mother’s cat and a boy from my high school I’ve nicknamed Cockblocker. Oh, he’s actually a hellcat and I hate him. I’m trying to get out of it. My high school ex is a hellhound and he’s at Fortuna with me. He’s unusually interested in who my father is and would have known what I was when we were dating. In fact, there are two hellhound leaders here that are just a little too interested in dear old dad. I’m woefully behind in everything since I was raised as human. A green haired warlock has taken me under his wing to help me with magic. A vampire tutor was arranged for me by the woman who foretold my birth.

All the answers about me came in a vision to the hellcat’s mother, Lilith. She’s the one moving pieces in the background. She’s arranging marriages, choosing my classes, and putting people in my path. She’s also avoiding giving us any answers.

Can I navigate a magical school when I have no training, not kill this hellcat I’m engaged to, manage my crushes on the warlock and vampire, and still survive with two huge hellhounds sniffing around? Something big is happening. My birth wouldn’t have been foretold if it wasn’t. I need to unlock all of my gifts as half angel half witch because whatever is going on, I’ve only scratched the surface.

1 review for Fire and Brimstone

  1. Mia Harper

    I loved this book, it was a fantastic start to the series, I loved the way Lucifer was portrayed as a doting daddy, and the family cat did remind me of Red Dwarf’s Cat (thank you reviewer London Lass!) I just see Cat’s face when I picture Keene in my mind! I found the story addictive once I got past Hayley’s brattiness, I just found it a dhame it took something so drastice to see Keane in a new light and stop blaming him for everything. I absorbed the book in one sitting and was so disappointed I’d reached the end, I’ve got book 2 ready to go!

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