Finding Kathleen

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One phone call can make all the difference….  

Working for G’s Nightly Escorts by night to support her family, Lily Ann Bailey makes women’s dreams come true. Desires, pleasures, secrets. When she is assigned client number 299, Lily Ann has no idea the woman waiting for her needs a friend more than an escort.  

Kathleen Harris is grieving the loss of her wife. She has secluded herself from family, friends, and the world for two years. All until a newspaper ad for an escort service makes her question her life.  

Suddenly, Kathleen’s eyes are reopened to the beautiful possibilities all around her. Including Bonnie Gibson, a sexy butch who she suddenly must work side-by-side with. But is Lily Ann’s influence enough to keep Kathleen from unraveling from her reawakening emotions?  

Only Lily Ann has deeply rooted troubles of her own. Determined to keep her family together after their parents are killed on an icy road two years before, she will do anything to keep them safe. Anything.

1 review for Finding Kathleen

  1. Qwirkie1

    This was a fairly quick listen but well written book. The storyline pace is great, there were no lulls in it to cause me to lose interest. The narrator did an excellent job performing the many characters in the book with enough variation that it was very easy to distinguish the players. Well done.

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