Final Chance


Completing the trilogy, Final Chance may be science fiction, but it sounds like a history of the future…finding Vijay Patel in a world struggling to survive.

By 2046, climate change has reached a tipping point. After decades of pandemics, increasing devastation by hurricanes and tornados, rising seas and burning forests, freezing winters and unbearable summers, the “moment of truth” comes as an unprecedented heatwave kills over half a Saudi city. The air was just too hot to breathe.

With food supplies already diminishing around the globe and disease running rampant, leaders of every nation recognize the need for drastic, do-or-die measures. The solution is a complete, universal ban on fossil fuels and the doming of all human civilization.

Not everyone is willing to go along – at first. But there is no alternative. By 2065, all major cities, farms, factories, and wildlife “revitalization zones” are protected, under glass, in a climate-controlled, solar-energized environment. The health of this domed environment is facilitated by Vijay Patel, his innovative business partner, and their respective children.

This is the story of the building of that brave new world…and the two remarkable families who played a key role in making this mind-boggling project possible, despite the odds. And despite a very odd group of villains. It was, indeed, everyone’s Final Chance to survive. So why was anyone trying to sabotage these efforts?

With humor and satire, Fleisher reveals the truth.

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