Fiancée for Sale

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I wasn’t supposed to be dumped weeks before my wedding day. Not only have I lost my dream come true, but I’m also massively in debt because of all my wedding purchases. So what’s a girl to do?

Easy. Sell the wedding. I put my dress, the venue, even the damned centerpieces up for sale. How was I to know the man who’d come to possibly purchase them was also looking for a bride?

But I need the money, and maybe…maybe I need a little adventure in my life, too. Instead of playing it safe, maybe this billionaire is the key to turning my life around.

I thought I was getting a fiancé and enough money to get me back on my feet, but I didn’t realize I might also be falling in love.

1 review for Fiancée for Sale

  1. Michelle Kettler

    Really enjoyed the storyline but the narration was just not my favorite. This is one of my favorite types of stories . I would have liked it better reading than audio just because of the narration.

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