Fearing the Biker

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Book 3 of The Biker Series

Jordan Steele (The Judge) has been hired as a bodyguard for Jessica Winters, Slammer’s new step-daughter. Security is usually not his thing, but he finds himself unable to refuse the offer after meeting her in person.

Jessica Winters wants nothing to do with The Judge, or any other biker for that matter, especially after being raped by one of the Devil’s Rangers three years before. When she learns that her life is in imminent danger, however, she reluctantly agrees and finds herself in the care of a man who makes her tremble in more ways than one. 

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1 review for Fearing the Biker

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    We meet Jessica in the first episode of this series, as a virgin being raped by by a biker brute. Now she appears to have been targeted by the new leader of the Devil’s Rangers, in retaliation for deaths from that original rape.
    Jordan (The Judge) has also appeared in previous episodes, as the ultimate cleanup guy, a gun for hire.
    These two are brought together, due to the vendetta by the a Devil’s Rangers new leader, who has disregarded previous truces and is out for blood.

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