Far from Gone


The eighth and final book in the Far series!

Despite everything Elizabethtown lost to Phineas, the survivors have managed to avoid the new government in Atlanta for the past seven years. Since then, they’ve worked to become as self-sufficient as possible, learning to live without gasoline and electricity, growing their own food, raising their own animals, and doing everything they can to thrive in a world overrun by the dead. And against all odds, they’re prospering.

But when an unexpected event puts one of their own at risk, Devon, Rowan, Kiaya, and Doug must once again go head-to-head with New Atlanta. Beating them isn’t going to be easy, and it could mean losing everything they’ve worked to build. Still, they’re determined to get revenge for the things Phineas took from them seven years ago and stop him from hurting anyone ever again. But they’re seriously outmatched, and with so much on the line, the survivors can’t help wondering if they might have encountered a problem too big for them to handle. And who, if anyone, will come out of the situation alive?


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