Eye of Newt: A Driftwood Mystery

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The short story “Eye of Newt”, originally published in the collection Catch of the Day, is the suspenseful second installment of the Driftwood Mysteries. It is both epilogue to the novel Seal of Secrets and prologue to the forthcoming novel Woman in the Waves.

The formerly quiet town of Driftwood, Oregon, has barely recovered from the ravages of the ex-convict Raven, after a pulse-pounding showdown on the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport. Now Dr. Sterling Friese, professor of biology at Pacific Crest University, is using his knowledge of the life sciences to plot the perfect murder. Dean Arlon Wasserman, long suspicious of Friese’s extracurricular activities, has hired Invictus Investigations to expose the philandering teacher. Friese will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening, even if it means killing his own boss. Hot on his trail, Police Officers Charley Whitehorse and Tony Esperanza will do all in their power to bring the brilliant and ruthless man to justice.

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