Extreme Heat

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When photographer Chloe Gaige gets assigned to cover the Pro Kiteboarding finals in Morocco, she never expects to run into her childhood crush. Back then, their age difference is what caused her to pull away. Will he resent her for how she treated him back then?

Fully grown, pro kiteboarder Kai Shephard is a tough competitor used to going after what he wants – and getting it. When he catches sight of Chloe in the crowd with her camera, nothing can stop him from trying to be with her again. Except Chloe, that is. Will she see him for the man he is now? Or will he be disappointed again?

1 review for Extreme Heat

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    A chance encounter bring two people back after five years since they had last seen each other.
    Both had their own memories of their previous encounters. Would that extreme heat still exist today.
    You’ll have to listen or read this episode, to find out what relationship they had had.
    An interesting encounter.

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