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Channel Two predicted a blanket of snow for Thanksgiving weekend – unusual, but not alarming for the little Maine island. What comes is a blinding blizzard, and a mass disappearance of nearly every person Robby Pierce knows. He and his family flee, trying to escape the snow and the invisible forces stealing people right from the street.

Miles away, Brad Jenkins battles the same storm. Alone, he attempts to survive as snow envelops his house. When the storm breaks, Brad makes his way south to where the snow ends and the world lies empty.

Join Brad, Robby, and the other survivors as they fight to find the truth about the apocalypse and discover how to live in their new world.

1 review for Extinct

  1. Kevin

    Extinct the first book Ike Hamill’s Extinct series has an interesting and promising premise, but the book is not without it’s problems. I won’t post any spoilers, but I will say the idea behind what is causing the extinction of humanity is quite original, and for the most part the story held my interest, but as I said it was not without its issues. The first half of the book basically bounces back and forth between two different characters as they struggle to come to grips with what it happening. There are definitely some pacing issues, but the real problem is the excessive use of the character’s names. What do I mean? Let me explain. As I said the book jumps back and forth between just two characters for much of the first half of the book. There are Brad chapters and Robby chapters. And during these chapters, for the most part, they are the only characters in the chapter. It’s a survival story and we are witnesses their individual struggles. And yet for some reason it almost feels like Mr. Hamill is afraid we’ll forget whose chapter it happens to be and so is constantly using the characters name. Brad is hungry. Brad makes a tuna sandwich. Brad eats the tuna sandwich. Brad cleans the plate. lol okay it might be that bad, but it’s dang close. Ike, dude, use a pronoun every now and then, lol. And to be fair he didn’t always do that, but there would be sections where you just couldn’t not notice it. Now had I been reading it and not listening to it it wouldn’t have bothered me so much, as my eyes and brain would have skipped over that names, but listening you can’t help but notice. Now as for the story, as I said the concept behind it was quite cool, but towards the end it kind of falls apart. Some new characters and a subplot are kinda sorta introduced but never completely explored/explained. Also there are definitely issues with the ‘solution’…I’m struggling to explain without posting spoilers, let me just say that there are things that seem to come/happen out of nowhere, without any indication of why these are happening or without any hinting/foreshadowing that they’d even be possible. That being said I am kind of interested in knowing what comes next, so he must have done something right.

    Kyle Tait’s narration is great. He definitely did a good job of bringing the characters and world to life, and despite the issues I had with the story, his narration made listening to this book an enjoyable experience.

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