Even Zombie Killers Get the Blues

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Are you a huge fan of The Walking Dead? World War Z? Do your passions run to the end of the world? This book is for you!

Are you a veteran who watches Hollywood movies that depict the military inaccurately and want to throw your combat boot through the TV? This book is for you!

Sometime in the near future, a few years after the Zombie Apocalypse has devastated the world, a small group of soldiers (sort of) is covering the United States Army’s advance back into Upstate New York and the Hudson River Valley.

The team is what this book is about. How men and women work together to overcome obstacles, deal with loss, and form an efficient fighting unit.

1 review for Even Zombie Killers Get the Blues

  1. Mia Harper

    This book was a military point of view of the zombie apocalypse, and the rebuilding efforts. I really enjoyed the jokes and snark of Nick’s team and his laid back leadership style. Brits feistiness is really funny, and the propensity to shoot idiots is a welcome addition to the team! I really hope theres another book!

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