Enemies With Benefits

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I hated him almost on sight, but I kind of lusted after his body, too. All right I started crushing on his hot bod the moment I saw it, but unfortunately the hot bod contained his personality!

My older sister’s friend Cal Bentley came off as arrogant, sarcastic, and sexy as hell. I guess blond hair, perfect white, all-American smile with an athletic body can make a guy cocky, especially when paired with rich parents who spoil you rotten. Cal was all that plus an assured charm that made him very popular. 

I was just leaving school on my way home from rehearsal I sing with a little a-cappella group. When I feel a pinch on my butt and a deep voice rasps, “Hey Duck, tell your sister I’ll pick her up later for band practice. How’s your quaking?” He grinned at me and ruffled my hair. 

Cal seemed to get immense pleasure from teasing me, in all sorts of ways. He didn’t have any younger brothers to torment, so I guess I was his proxy.


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